Portrait Photography


In this one day intensive workshop we will explore various techniques for making compelling portraiture using available light and easily accessible light sources.

I will teach and demonstrate how to shape with light and shadow to achieve depth and add meaning to a portrait. I will explain why "more than just a nice picture" approach is important.

Students will be provided with plenty of opportunities to photograph in multiple portrait lighting scenarios. The studio and the area outside will turn into creative space where the photographer becomes the model. I firmly believe that this change of perspective will widen the students’ horizon and their understanding on how to approach the client and create a better connection.

Each student will come away with expanded knowledge and skillset that would be immediately applicable in their individual photographic pursuits. 

Who is this class for: Amateur to professional photographers who have a comfortable working knowledge of their camera in manual mode. The workshops will be held in English.

Participants need to bring their own cameras. 

No available workshops right now!