I am Joanna Janke, Berlin-based portrait photographer

My approach is intuitive and holistic: photo needs context

Since more than 10 years I've been working with musicians

I work with anyone who wants more than just a "nice" photo

About me

Portrait photographer in Berlin

I am  Joanna Janke (previously Wizmur), Berlin-based portrait photographer. In my life, two expansive realms, that of music and photography, intertwine. This is why, since more than 10 years, I've been collaborating with musicians and artists, assisting them in crafting meaningful visual identities that reflect their artistic essence. 

I work with anyone who wants more than just visually appealing photographs. You don't have to be a musician or an artist: if you feel that you want to show something that holds personal value or tell your unique story, you're at the right address.

My approach

Everything is in flux, and so are we—ordinary people, yet special in every aspect. We all have sensitive parts that we often wish didn't exist, but that's precisely what makes us human. My interest in human nature, behaviorism, and trauma has always drawn me toward the field of psychotherapy and the mind-body connection. This influenced my path as a human, constantly on my healing journey, and a photographer. My approach is intuitive and holistic, it means that if everything in life is set in some context - the photo should reflect that too.

In order to create something meaningful for you, like artist visual identity or personal branding, we need to explore the key elements of your life or work - and they will be our guides during the photoshoot.