I am  Joanna Wizmur Janke, Berlin-based portrait photographer. In my life, two expansive realms, that of music and photography, intertwine. This is why, since more than 10 years, I've been collaborating with musicians and artists, assisting them in crafting meaningful visual identities that reflect their artistic essence.

I work with anyone who wants more than just visually appealing photographs. You don't have to be a musician or an artist: if you feel that you want to show something that holds personal value or tell your unique story, you're at the right address.

My approach

Everything you do, has an impact, even if you decide not to do anything. Your mere presence can evoke a response. As a photographer and an empathetic soul, I once believed that I could capture who people truly are at their core. However, with time, I came to understand that capturing the entirety of someone's being is an elusive feat, even with the privilege of observing them through my lens. I can only grasp a part of who they are, a small glimpse into their being. I'm genuinely fascinated by the energy that emerges between us during a photoshoot. Each portrait becomes a reflection of not only the subject but also a part of myself.


My love for photography started with the lively world of concert shoots. Through working in the vibrant world of stage photography, I have learned to capture the perfect moment in the right light and to comprehend the unique dynamic between a photographer and an artist. Backstage areas and recording studios have become a second home to me. It was during this phase that I realized my innate desire to connect more intimately with people, sparking a passion for portrait photography.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians and artists around the world, and my photographs have been featured in magazines, on album covers, and as promotional materials for musicians, promoters, and editors.

I have also studied graphic and web design, I hold a degree in business management and marketing. This diverse background allows me to approach photography with a keen understanding of space, colour, business and branding.

My deep interest in human nature, behaviorism, and traumas has always drawn me towards the field of psychotherapy & mind-body connection. It is this curiosity that likely influenced my path as a photographer, as I strive to observe and learn from the profound connections I create during every photoshoot.

Hi, that's me!